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Miller Calibration | Safety & Quality Go Hand in Hand

Miller Calibration has met the highest calibration standards since starting business in 1998, and is accredited to the current NIST Traceable Certification requirements for plumbing calibration. Our performance goals & objectives are focused on providing quality performance and high satisfaction to our customers in the areas of accuracy, turnaround, and cost competitiveness.

Miller Calibration's history shows growth in capabilities and expertise as we continue to serve business, industrial, manufacturing, government, and laboratory clients.

There are many businesses today that rely on the precision and integrity of their devices and products. Without this assurance, it is really hard to swear by your business and products or services that you provide. It is our job as calibrator to make sure that all of your products and services are precise and reflect the appropriate standard. It is also necessary in order to prevent fines because of issues with inspection. Our backflow annual tests give our customers the satisfaction of knowing that your backflow prevention efforts are being taken care of. Ensure the quality and validity of your products — don't let proper calibration go to chance. Give the team at Miller Calibration a call. They can test all kinds of instruments and measurements, including those with dimensional properties, those in need of pressure and mechanical calibrations or products that include mass, frequency or time properties, as well as providing backflow tests and backflow preventer methods.